Gathering strength as an all-around player in manufacturing, the Muramoto Group is dedicated to make quality products.

We think that the real manufacturer should be able to offer various customer solutions including "environment", "quality", "cost" and "delivery" aside from production itself. To obtain customer satisfaction,  we make every effort to give maximum and substantial support through our manufacturing business.


Nowadays, when most manufacturers focus on environmental-conscious manufacturing, the Muramoto Group develops active environmental practice in each base.

We aggressively work towards environmentally friendly procurement and make efforts at energy savings, CO2 reduction through improving the efficiency of our manufacturing system.


We, the Muramoto Group, pursue the optimum quality assurance procedure to maintain the product quality.
We consider quality control as the most important aspect of the manufacturing. Reliable measurement and analysis are vital to high quality manufacturing. We always pay a lot of attention to the selection of measurement instruments as well as measurement methods.


The integrated manufacturing system is a great advantage of the Muramoto Group. Its manufacturing flow ranging from die design, die making, pressing, plastic molding, decoration, SMT, up to assembly is streamlined. This seamless flow contributes to the efficiency of our manufacturing service, which enables us to offer the lowest cost.


Production in the location nearest the customer is one of the advantages the Muramoto Group has. Having a global network comprised of 9 bases in 8 countries, the Muramoto Group achieves the shortest delivery time in the shortest distance to customers. Our global network also helps us respond to and solve troubles along the way quickly.