Message from The President


Yoichi Muramoto

From the day of its establishment in 1935 in Kobe, Japan, Muramoto Industry Co., Ltd. has been growing for 80 years, thanks to our customers’ support.

In 1987, we established our first overseas subsidiary in Thailand. Now our global network has been expanded to 8 countries mainly on Southeast Asia.


With the spirit and teaching inherited from our founder Itaro Muramoto, the whole Muramoto Group has been continuously focusing on customer - oriented manufacturing and challenging the new fields.

Being highly rated by our customers for our positive attitude towards business, we have developed to the present - day Muramoto Group, through widening our business scope to include metal press processing, die making, plastic molding, PCB mounting, coating, assembly, processing and production of high precision products, under the guidance of our customers.


Meanwhile, the world is changing rapidly and becoming increasingly uncertain day by day. Information is delivered instantly and technology is advanced rapidly, but becoming obsolete quickly, resulting to  existing products losing their  marketability being "outdated".


However, without forgetting our roots and being satisfied with the current status, we are determined to do our best to further improved our technology which was started and developed from the time our company was established and boldly challenged by the new business field.

We will continue to endeavor to create a great impression through our “manufacturing”.

We thank you in advance for your continued support and guidance in the years ahead.



Yoichi Muramoto