Environmental Policy

Muramoto Group complies with the environmental laws of Japan and the countries of its subsidiaries to preserve the health of the global environment throughout our whole business operations such as die manufacturing, pressing, plastic molding, PCB mounting, coating, assembly, and production. Muramoto Group also conducts the following activities to hand over a better environment to the next generation, with the basic philosophy of harmonious co-existence with nature, environmental conservation, and integration with communities.

Muramoto Group will disclose this environmental policy  to the public upon request from stakeholders.

Muramoto Group strives to promote sound environmental practice.

  • We make efforts at CO2 reduction, energy saving, reduce - reuse - recycle for effective use of resources.
  • We carry out constant improvement activities and regular reviews to achieve our environmental objectives.
  • We proactively work towards reduction of environmentally hazardous substances by replacing them with safer alternatives, and conduct green procurement and risk management of hazardous chemicals used.
  • We seek to promote biodiversity conservation, pollution prevention, harmonious co-existence with nature and communities with an awareness of the environmental impact of our operations.
  • We comply with environmental laws, including agreements with local residents.
  • This environmental policy will be made known to all our employees. We will conduct educational activities to ensure each employee's awareness and qualifications will be enhanced for the environment .



Yoichi Muramoto