Manufacturing Philosophy

Muramoto Group has been dedicated to manufacturing from the day of its establishment in 1935.

The scope of its operations was only pressing in the beginning, and now has grown to cover all manufacturing processes such as die design & manufacturing, pressing,  plastic molding as well as material procurement, and logistics.

Seamless Manufacturing System

For higher quality, faster delivery, lower prices.

Muramoto Group ensures that each part within a tolerance functions in harmony with all other parts in products.

It often happens that some parts cannot function properly when installed into products, even if those parts are within a tolerance.

We are dedicated to provide quality parts that function in harmony with all other parts in products through close communication within the company and with our suppliers to achieve customer satisfaction.


In the Muramoto Group, cross-functional cooperation among various departments and bases enables us to find the best combination of parts and easily adjust the tolerance. It makes our manufacturing processes seamless, thereby enhancing precision and shortening production lead time to the utmost.


In addition, we ensure each employee engaged in production control understands well that every part must function properly in finished products. This leads to stable and high quality, shorter lead time and lower cost.


Display Audio Unit

ex:Display Audio Unit

The Muramoto Group's manufacturing system covers all necessary manufacturing processes including pressing, plastic molding, SMT for PCB Assy, painting & printing and assembly.

We make every effort to encourage production efficiency and product quality under integrated concepts throughout our seamless manufacturing system including development of jigs, automatic machines for production of parts and finished products.



We assemble about 1,000 parts including in-house injection molding parts, in-house press parts, and procured parts into complete sets of printer, then ship worldwide after packing with accessories.