Global Network Map

Global Network

Production in the Most Suitable Locations

Muramoto Group has established its production bases near customers'  business bases depending on their strategies.

Sharing strategies and growing together with customers as manufacturing partners is certainly a significant strength that helps us survive the global market.

Taking advantage of the global network, Muramoto Group makes every effort to be the best manufacturing partner who always offer customers better quality, shorter lead time, and lower cost.


Environmental conservation, culture, climate, laws and regulations, human rights, education are the most significant issues in overseas expansion.

Utilizing many years of experience since the establishment of its first subsidiary in Thailand in 1987, the Muramoto Goup always try to fit in well with the countries where our production has expanded to, such as Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe.

We strive to keep strong relationships and share our manufacturing philosophy among the Muramoto Group, so that each production base always operates with the same mind.